The Sales 2.0 Book

Two Silicon Valley insiders reveal the emerging Sales 2.0 trend and how companies can profit from it.

Driven by an explosion of online products and changing customer buying preferences, Sales 2.0 is the marriage of innovative sales practices and Web 2.0 and other advanced technologies. Sales 2.0 explores

  • The emerging Sales 2.0 phenomenon
  • How it is characterized
  • Why it is imperative for a company’s long-term success, and
  • How anyone can get started with this new approach to generating revenue

The book shows readers how to redeploy their sales teams for greater bottom-line results, and reveals all the differences between Sales 2.0 and traditional selling. Through real world case studies, readers will learn how industry leaders achieved phenomenal results and competitive advantage. Applicable to sales teams in any industry, Sales 2.0 presents the future of sales today.

Sales 2.0: ­ Improve Business Results Using Innovative Sales Practices and Technology is in print and available for shipping.

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978-0-470-37375-0 • Hardcover • 240 pages

Praise for Sales 2.0
“As founder of Oracle’s telephone sales group, Anneke Seley pioneered today’s modern selling techniques.”
—Marc Benioff, Founder and CEO,

“Sales 2.0 is a major trend that is approaching the tipping point. Seley and Holloway have written the rare business strategy book that is immediately actionable. It’s mandatory reading for sales professionals and business leaders alike.”
—Geoffrey Moore, Best-Selling Author of Crossing the Chasm, Dealing with Darwin, and other books

““Anneke has been an innovator in maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of sales organizations, from the introduction of telesales  channels to Web 2.0 communities, and has dramatically improved the way business is done.”
—Craig Conway, Former CEO, PeopleSoft

“The authors have been at the forefront of creating and defining the Sales 2.0 phenomenon and show you how to make money and achieve exceptional ROI with this approach.”
—John Luongo, Former CEO, Vantive Corporation

“No sales executive wakes up and says ‘How do I reach more customers in a more expensive way?’ Implementing strategies and technologies that allow you to be more competitive is the key to success. If you are concerned with long-term success and viability of your organization and maintaining the pulse of your customer, you must read this book.”

—Rudy Corsi, Senior Vice President, OracleDirect and Operations, Oracle Corporation

“As a former Sales 1.0 professional, I can vouch for the fact that Sales 2.0 works. Since adopting a Sales 2.0 approach to selling, I have achieved increases in quota attainment as well as predictability in sales forecasts.”
—Stu Schmidt, Former Vice President of Solutions Sales, Cisco WebEx

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