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“Anneke was recommended to us by a trusted source as an expert speaker on the technology-enabled sales process. And she did not disappoint. She delivered a terrific, memorable keynote address for our executive audience that was customized, rigorous and sent the crowd running to the front of the room afterward to connect with her and find out how they could learn more.

Several things about her presentation stood out for me – her rigorous preparation that included detailed backgrounding with several members of the audience, a lot of independent research and a 90 minute meeting with me as the conference organizer to review her presentation 4 weeks in advance of the event. The material was well-organized and memorable, and related directly to our audience in the multifamily housing indusry even though she has no direct experience in our industry. Her delivery was terrific, and she graciously spent plenty of time the day before and afterward mingling with attendees and sharing informally with them during sessions and breaks.

Her message was spot on for an audience looking to advance their sales thinking and skills, as our buyers move online, onto social and mobile platforms, and into the cloud. I highly recommend Anneke as a keynote speaker for anyone wanting to bring enthusiasm and new ideas to an event.”
-Steve Lefkovits, Executive Producer at Joshua Tree Conference Group


Sales 2.0 Conference April 8-9, 2013 | San Francisco, CA and July 15, 2013 | Boston, MA: Anneke is speaking



Does Cold Calling Still Work?“: Google + Debate with Mike Volpe (CMO Hubspot) and Ken Krogue (President,

“Predictions for 2013” on Coffee Break with Game Changers Radio

Selling: Art or Science?” on Coffee Break with Game Changers: with Barry Trailer, CSO Insights and Ross Wainwright, SAP

Recorded Webinar: The Customer Collective “Can Social Media Boost Sales? Lessons from IBM & Microsoft.”  With more and more customers using social media to gather information about products and to communicate with vendors, many companies are trying to figure out how social tools can be used most effectively to meet the needs of the new online customer. Moderated by Anneke Seley, Founder of Phone Works and author of Sales 2.0. (July 20, 2011)

Recorded Webinar: Social Selling University – “Social Selling for Executives: What the Management Team Needs to Know to Succeed with Today’s Customers.” Listen in as Anneke Seley presents data, metrics and customer case stories.

Recorded Webinar:’s Demand Gen Academy – ROI Track: “MySQL” together with Lesley Young, her former client at MySQL (now Oracle). Anneke and Lesley cover the benefits and results of tracking and measuring customer relationships from demand to close as well as the demand generation, management and nurturing programs that built a predictable sales pipeline and generated revenue.

Recorded Webinar: Sales Edge Summit -“How Sales Strategy Must Adapt to Customers 2.0” featuring panelist Anneke Seley: Barry Trailer, Co-Founder & Partner of CSO Insights; and Jon Miller, Co-Founder & VP Marketing of Marketo.

Recorded Web Event: Inside Sales 2.0 – “What Practices and Technologies Produce Results” with Anneke Seley and Dan Freund, VP and General Manager of Oracle Direct.

Recorded Webinar: “Prospecting 2.0: The Cold Call is Dead” excerpt from InsideView’s Sales 2.0 weekly webinar series.


Article: Sales 2.0 book referenced in Selling Gets Complex: The Internet, technology, and globalization have changed this age-old game for good by Geoffrey James in Strategy + Business

Article: Sales 2.0: Why it is Imperative To Change the Way We Sell in Best Practices in Software Sales

Article: It’s About Time: Increasing Customer Engagement Through Sales 2.0 in Customer Management IQ.

Article: Sales 2.0: Why the Recession is Making it Imperative to Change the Way We Sell in Salesforce Times.

Focus Sales Roundtable Teleconference: Inside Sales Year-End-Review and Predictions for 2012
With Craig Rosenberg, VP of Focus Expert Network; Trish Bertuzzi, Founder of The Bridge Group; Josiane Feigon, CEO at TeleSmart Communications; Michael Damphousse, CEO/CMO at Green Leads, LLC; and Anneke Seley, Evangelist and Founder of Phone Works

Focus & DemandCon Teleconference: Bold Predictions for Demand Generation in 2012
Now that budget planning season is upon us, what are the key considerations as you plan your demand generation initiatives for next year? Listen in to our panel of outspoken experts as they explored the hype and reality of sales and marketing today and helped you plan your budgets thoughtfully.

Focus Sales Roundtable Teleconference: Sales & Marketing 2.0 – Keys to Organizational Transformation with Adam Needles, Anneke Seley, Carlos Hidalgo, Craig Rosenberg and Steve Gershik where we will discuss Sales & Marketing 2.0.

Interview: Thought Leader Interview of Anneke Seley by Denis Pombriant of Beagle Research Group, LLC.

Radio Interview: SLMA Radio – hear the commentary from Phil Fernandez, CEO of Marketo, and interviews with Anneke Seley (author of Sales 2.0) and Michael Michalowicz (author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur) and founder of 3 multi-million dollar businesses who is also a Columnist for The Wall Street Journal.

Radio Interview: BlogTalkRadio hosted by Kenneth Darryl Brown. Anneke Seley shares her insights and experiences working with leading showcases of inside sales.

Interview: Justmeans video interview with Anneke Seley at the San Francisco Sales 2.0 Conference

Radio Interview: SalesTracRadio interviews Sales 2.0authors, Anneke Seley and Brent Holloway

Video Interview: Chris Kenton interviews Anneke Seley at the inaugural Social Media Breakfast in San Francisco.

Q&A with Anneke Seley, who was named one of Oracle’s Early Innovators in the Oracle Innovation Showcase

Blog Interview: Anneke Seley talks about social media with Michael Damphousse, CEO, CMO, and founder of Green Leads.

Podcast: Book authors Anneke Seley and Brent Holloway are interviewed by Brad on the Brad Brooks Show

Blog Interview: Anneke Seley is interviewed by Parker Trewin at on his blog, B2B Marketing for Faster Sales

Blog Interview: Anneke is interviewed by Chad Levitt on his New Sales blog.


Video: Anneke Seley speaks on “Social Media that Generates Qualified Leads and Revenue” at the Sales and Marketing 2.0 Conference in San Francisco (November 8-9, 2010)


Chapter Excerpts from Part 1 of the book are featured on, Sramana Mitra’s blog. Mitra is an entrepreneur, strategy consultant, author, and syndicated columnist for sites including


Conferences and Public Events

AA-ISP Conference: “Scalable Social Selling” November 2012

Sales 2.0 Conference October 2012: “Justifying Sales 2.0 Investments”

Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference 2011
Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Event (DWEN)
West Coast Green
Oracle Open World Executive Sales Summit
Marketo Customer 2.0 Roadshow
CRM Evolution

Company Sales Kick-Offs and Planning Meetings

INSEAD MBA Class on Entrepreneurship: “Building Businesses the Silicon Valley Way”

True Ventures Founder Camp
OracleDirect Leadership Planning Meeting North America Inside Sales Kick-Off
VMWare Global Inside Sales Kick-Off
SAP Global Inside Sales Planning Meeting
RadiSys Global Sales Kick-Off


“Just wanted to tell you I thought your book was awesome. As you know, I used to own my own Call Center and was a past-president of the American Teleservices Association trade organization before I joined Oracle , so your ‘next generation’ description is what I used to dream about in the old days.
Great to see in one publication the history and transformation that is so critical in today’s world.

You did a magnificent job of painting the picture and I especially liked the 1.0 vs 2.0 comparisons.

Nice job and congratulations on a ‘textbook’ textbook that should be the definitive source for smart sales and marketing teams.”

-Norm Pensky, VP Sales

“First of all congratulations! I picked up the book yesterday.

I am always looking for new and innovative approaches to marketing and
selling… And there it was!

Very interesting work. … I wanted to acknowledge your contribution to the sales profession.

This is going to be a real help for our ongoing efforts in Canada to be
smarter in our sales productivity.

Thanks again….”

-Michael Gagnon
Regional VP of Sales, Canada for Verint


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